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Organize your events & speakers in one place

Talkbase is a project management tool designed for Event Makers

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Event management

No more spreadsheets

Event management flow

All you need to turn your idea into an event experience in one dashboard.

Tasks, notes, comments

Manage your event planning processes across teams with ease.

Calendar overview

Visualize your event pipeline without chaos.

Exports and integrations

Download all event and speaker data, connect with your favorite streaming tool.

Connect & stay in touch

Build your speaker database

Save, rate, look up

Start building your speaker community from day one. Rate speakers, share notes.

Discover new

Explore Talkbase public database and find speakers for your next event.

Details, related links, media

Share all imporant information with your speakers directly from Talkbase.

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Project management tool tailored for event organizers

No more manual copy-pasting, no more spreadsheets and data scattered across multiple apps. Talkbase helps you manage your events smarter and faster.

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